April 13 "Finding Fulfillment"

August 3 "The 30 Day Challenge"

April 20 "Finding a New Beginning"

August 10 "Misplaced Priorities"

April 27 "Finding Freedom from Stress"

August 17  "Cause of Astonishing                               Generosity"

September 28 "Power of the Praying Church"

May 11 "Finding Your Focus"

July 13 "Finding the Handle on Slander"

July 20 "Finding the Majesty of God"

Aug. 10 "Finding the Enjoyment of God"

October 5 "Joy-Filled Christianity"

October 12 "Joy in Freedom"

October 19 "Keeping Joy in a Joyless World"

Oct. 12 "Finding the Voice to Shout"

Oct. 19 "Finding the Clue"